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Thank You

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If you have attended a ‘Chanting for Healing’ session at Hemma in the last year and half,  then I have a lot of gratitude for you. We come together for this practice as a way to elicit healing to those present in the room, and to send that healing out into the community. It’s a practice that is rooted in the Satyananda Yoga tradition from northern India.  I want to thank you because the contribution of your energy inspires me to continue to share this practice, and your donations have totalled over $1000 since last January!

These donations are being sent back to the Satyananda Ashram in Jharkand, India to support the underserved populations in that area. It’s not about offering charity to these villagers, but offering them tools and training so they sustain themselves. This year marks the 25th anniversary of Swami Satyananda’s arrival on the land where the ashram is, and as a tribute to him there will be special events happening over the next year. Your donations will go towards arts & crafts workshops for the children, vocational training, medical camps and much more over the next 12 months.

Swami Satyananda dedicated his life to selfless service, and uplifting humankind. The villages that surround his ashram have been completely transformed from an area lacking basic supplies and facilities for living, to an area that is bustling with possibility.  I am traveling to there this week to participate in the beginning of this special event and assist Yoga retreats. I will offer your donations on behalf of the Hemma community, put my hands to good use while there, and bathe in the blessings!

Hari Om

~ Kelly