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Thank you for your feedback!

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Thanks to everyone who filled out our Yoga survey this month. We really appreciate your feedback and welcome it always. Keep in mind that you don’t have to wait until the next survey if you have something to share! Special congratulations to Leah Kinarthy who won the Yoga Timecard draw!

Here is a review of some of the feedback we received from you:

A majority of you said that the community feeling is what you love most about Hemma. Bringing people together and connecting as a larger community is something that we strive for. From our first days this has been a priority at Hemma – creating a sense of community and providing a place where you can feel at home, and at ease being yourself.This is also what WE love most about YOU! Every person who takes a class here contributes their energy to the space and spirit of Hemma. The feeling of community is strong because of your openness to be yourself and your kindness with strangers. We are really grateful for you and how you contribute to this community feeling.

Sliding Scale
A majority of you said that you appreciate the sliding scale and some even called it “revolutionary”. We have offered our Yoga services on a sliding scale for over 2 years and are excited that it makes it more accessible for people. Some of you asked about student & senior discounts and yoga pass sales. These are discounts that we used to offer when our fees were fixed. Now with the sliding scale, you can give yourself that same discount or sale whenever you need it by adjusting how much you contribute! The intention of the sliding scale is not to make anyone feel uncomfortable about money, but rather to create greater flexibility based upon what you are able to contribute at any given time.

The Space
Many of you said that you appreciate the ambiance of the studio, and it’s cozy homey feeling. Order, functionality, and cleanliness are important to us at Hemma and we have a dedicated team of volunteers and staff who practice Karma Yoga (the Yoga of Action) here. This means they mindfully put their energy into cleaning, organizing and contributing to the space as an extension of their Yoga practice.

Airflow in the studio is something some of you commented on and we are constantly working with it in this heritage building. We open the windows, turn on the fans and clear the air between every class. This is the room’s opportunity to breathe (fresh air in, old air out). Our props and blankets are washed on a regular basis. We do our best to keep the space fresh and inviting for your practice and thank you for your suggestions.

We continue to strive to live harmoniously with our neighbours and fellow yogis.  Our glorious 100 year old building adds a lot in terms of charm and coziness but it also means that sound, wherever it comes from, likes to travel.  You can do your part by being mindful of conversations you have near the studio and clinic doors. The front lobby area is a great place for connecting with fellow yogis before or after class. Part of community is learning to all live together and accepting each other so thanks for your understanding!  We always welcome your feedback regarding noise issues.

Thank you all for supporting Hemma and for offering your feedback so we can improve our service to you.