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Thank You!

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Thanks to everyone for celebrating with us this past weekend, our 6th birthday!  My intention was to write a thank you note last week, but I got a bit sidetracked when our Debit/Credit card machine suddenly decided to stop working, and my computer died!  Oh how easy it is to take so many things for granted, like our health, fresh water, electricity, hot showers, stores full of food, the internet, cell phones, transportation…it goes on and on…until it doesn’t, and then “it” gets our attention. It dials us in to the present moment — “I’m here, now, deal with it!”  The unexpected gift of having something break is how I begin to appreciate everything that matters most to me — being alive, my family, my community, and all the things I take for granted and forget to appreciate.  In THOSE MOMENTS  I become a much happier person, an easy smile inward smile, and peace in my heart.  Life, business, family, relationship, all exists in this state of knowing and not knowing, of success and failure, joy and sorrow, chaos and smooth sailing.  The trick is to enjoy the ride — even at times to enjoy being a passenger.

So today I am concentrating on the joy I feel for having had the privilege of serving this beautiful community for the past 6 years.  Here’s to many more!

Oh and thank you all for your patience, at this point we are able to accept Cash, Visa, and MC. We hope to be able to accept Debit cards by the middle of next week.