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Thanks for taking our Survey!

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Thanks to everyone who participated in our Community Acupuncture Survey.  Special Congratulations to Ross Archibald for winning our survey prize!  We really appreciated everyone’s feedback.  Please remember that you don’t need to wait for our next survey to give us your opinion — we value it greatly and welcome it always!

In terms of what makes a good clinic, the majority of you said that affordability was the most important element.  Access to our services has always been a major priority for us, which is why we have used a sliding scale for our services since opening in 2007.  We have tried to keep the low end of our scale at an amount that makes it possible for you to receive the care you need.

I wanted to respond to some of the specific feedback you gave us in your survey.  There were a few categories or themes that emerged as I read though your comments. Noise and/or Ambiance

Although it did not appear to be a huge obstacle, several of you mentioned noises either from within (snoring :), upstairs, or beside (yoga) the clinic.  We continue to strive to live harmoniously with our neighbours, yogis, and fellow patients and appreciate your suggestions.  Our glorious 100 year old building adds a lot in terms of charm and coziness but it also means that sound, wherever it comes from, likes to travel.  We now offer ear plugs for folks who are sensitive to noises.  We also encourage you to bring your own ear-buds and music if you prefer.  Part of community is learning to all live together so thanks for your understanding!

As for a wider range of music, great suggestion!  We always take requests if you have a preference for something or of something we are playing does not suit your mood.  We are also always excited to receive recommendations about music you think would enhance your experience.

As for warm and cozy, here are a few suggestions.  We always keep the room at 23 C, which for most homes would be really warm.  However when you’re in the Acu-Zone, bodies tend to cool.  Always feel free to ask for more blankets — we have lots!  We also now have several heating pads which can really help to take the chill out of you.  An eye pillow can also feel really good and make it easier to relax if you find yourself disturbed by the comings and goings of others.  We have several or bring your own.

Bottom line we want you to make yourself comfortable, whether that is something you do for yourself or something we can assist you with.


Many of you suggested extended hour on Saturday, opening on Sunday and opening another clinic near you.  We are seriously considering all of these suggestions and appreciate your support for more hours and more accessibility.  We will keep you posted!


Regarding your Treatment and Care

Several of you mentioned a desire to know more about how often you should come, why we choose certain points, and a desire to chat more with us.

Thank you for this important feedback.  We want you to be clear on how you can make acupuncture the most effective in treating your health concerns and will strive to provide more details with you in this regard.  Please don’t hesitate to ask questions.  Whenever you feel the need to have a personal check-in outside the treatment room, just pop your head in the clinic and ask the acupuncturist if you can chat privately before coming in to treatment.  We are always happy to provide this for you.  As for why we put that needle there.  This is often a complex question that is difficult to explain.  We are happy to answer general questions and to provide you with additional reading and resources if you want to learn more!  We may also consider hosting an intro to acupuncture talk for folks that are interested in learning more.

It is our belief that Community Acupuncture is more than providing professional care at an affordable cost.  We also believe that healing in Community enhances one’s health and healing, especially in a time where so many of us and our services isolate us from one another.  Sometimes this can take a bit of getting used to but once experienced becomes something that many crave.  As a patient said to me recently on a quiet day in the clinic, “At first I was concerned about being in a room filled with others, now I find I miss everyone on the days I come in and it’s not full!”.

Thanks again,