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Time for a road trip

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Eleven years ago today, I was deep into construction; building walls, running wires, and sanding floors, in preparation for our opening that fall.  Constructing a vision with a clear and singular purpose… wondering how it would all be received. This year, I’m taking the month of August to head back east for a long overdue visit with family and friends. Planning this trip has been a real struggle for me. As a business owner I often feel that somehow hemma is dependent on me, needs me to function.  At the same time I am well aware of how much bigger hemma is than one person, one vision. All of you — amazing staff, hardworking volunteers, dedicated teachers and acupuncturists, and each and every one of you who unrolls a yoga mat or kicks back in a lazy-boy recliner, share and support my vision of community, of caring for self and others, of sacred sanctuary. I am so deeply moved by this shared vision we all now hold together. Thank you for holding it all together while I take some needed time away for rest and fellowship. I look forward to seeing you all in September!