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Today began a long time ago

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We are thrilled to be hosting Nance Thacker yet again for a Dream workshop at Hemma! On July 11th, you can join her to learn how to remember, record, discover dream guidance and weave this wisdom into your daily life. Read Nance’s recent blog post:

“2010, I’m travelling down Vancouver Island, after attending my niece’s wedding in Campbell River. I’m leading dream workshops along the way. While I’m in Victoria a friend of mine mentions that he belongs to the Hemma community; goes to yoga classes and receives acupuncture there. His description of Hemma and his enthusiasm about the place has me curious but I’m on my way to Dream Teacher Training with Robert Moss at Mosswood Hollow in Duval Washington and haven’t time to check out the space in person.

Back in Burlington I google Hemma, read up about it’s mission, the people involved and the community they are forming. Sounds interesting…hmmm…a seed is planted. I see myself giving workshops there someday; and then the seed is covered over and left to germinate. 

Fast forward to the fall of 2012. I’m now living in Victoria and have connected with an old yoga friend from decades past. She goes to Hemma regularly, mentions a Kirtan that’s coming up with Kelly. I should go she says. I do. Afterwards Kelly comes up to me. My friend had talked to her about me and Kelly guesses, rightly so, that the short, older woman with long grey hair is me. We talk about my (now) 49+ years experience as a yoga practitioner who has studied with seniour teachers in the Iyengar and Ashtanga traditions. Our conversation leads to talk of dreaming a subject of great interest to her….” Read more