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true community

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Two weeks ago I attended a workshop on Salt Spring with 13 others for five days. The group was one of the most diverse groups of individuals I have had the pleasure of working with in a workshop setting. At times, it felt as if the only thing we had in common was that we’d all decided to attend this training.

In our current age of social media, we are often grouped with folks with a common interest and opinion. Rarely are our views and opinions challenged. Rarely do we find ourselves uncomfortable.

So, as I sat in circle with these 13 souls, I really came to appreciate difference, diversity, and even discomfort. I thought to myself, this is a true community — a group of humans from different walks of life coming together to learn from one another.

The experience made me realize how much we all need to sit with difference — especially now.  We need to appreciate one another and learn about our diverse experiences and opinions. Consider this the next time you come into the clinic or studio and sit down next to someone. In addition to appreciating that they too are there for healing, learning, and introspection, maybe say hello – be curious about your neighbour.  You may just have something to learn or offer.

And . . . in case you’re in the mood to build more community on the mat, there are a few fun events taking place in August!

Susie will be leading an awesome in-depth week-long early morning practice. Plus, we’ll be hosting another Satsang on August 9th. What better way to connect!

Check the events page for more details.

In community,