holistic offerings at hemma

We believe that your wellness includes so much more than just physical health. You are a complex system of emotional, spiritual, mental and physical interactions! We want to help you live your fullest life by offering you opportunities to breathe into your fullest self.

Below, you will find numerous ways to expand your horizons at Hemma through massage and bodywork, wellness coaching and spiritual guidance.

Soul Touch: embodiment & healing

Experience a deeper connection between body, mind and spirit.

Soul Touch is a new offering from Michael and Penelope, focusing on massage & bodywork, coaching therapy and spiritual guidance. We aim to help you address the deeper issues underlying your physical and emotional stress.

We specialize in guiding the development of somatic and emotional awareness, offering tools and techniques that bring comfort, insightful understanding, and cathartic release.

Visit Soul Touch for more information!

Massage with Michael

$80-100/hour, sliding scale

Deeply relaxing, healing and heartfelt, Michael’s massages are a blend of Esalen and Swedish-style strokes that address stagnancy within your muscles, joints and nerves. He specializes in helping you find and address knots of tension that are related to emotional conditions and historical trauma.

Note: if you do not see a time that works for you please contact via email

Massage with Penelope


A blend of energy healing and bodywork, Penelope’s massages offer a slow, deep process of unwinding and releasing tension. Whether light or deep pressure, she focuses on inviting pure relaxation into your body while providing a comforting presence with her healing touch.

coaching with michael

Sometimes you need an extra set of ears to help you sort out life’s issues! If you’re looking to experience deeper embodiment, process difficult emotions and make lasting changes in your life, coaching is an excellent way to start.

With deep listening and co-counselling skills, Michael guides you into a state of emotional awareness while offering comfort and safety. Using breath, talk therapy and somatic exercises, this coaching session helps you develop the skills to navigate the complicated elements of your life

spiritual guidance with penelope

Receive intuitive spiritual guidance with an esoteric approach to your emotional and mental struggles.

Penelope uses breathwork, guided visualization, medicine cards and prayer as tools to invite presence, awareness and comfort in whatever you are working through.