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Acupuncture – What’s it good for?

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During the winter months we often see an increase in the number of patients coming in with increased anxiety and depression.  The cloudy days, longer nights, and the desire to slow down contrasted with the daily demands of our lives and responsibilities often leads to an increase in depression or angst, which may lead to a loss of self esteem, motivation, joy, and engagement with our purpose in life. Acupuncture on a regular basis can help lift these symptoms and support other methods you might be employing such as psychotherapy, exercise, yoga, diet.  The experience of acupuncture can be similar to a deep meditation — helping you to connect to Self.  Here is how one patient described it:

The acupuncture sessions at hemma have been deeply healing for me over time.  My anxiety level has reduced dramatically.  I am a far calmer and more relaxed person then when I arrived 10 months ago which is very helpful to my overall condition…acupuncture puts me into a deep meditative state which is where I  believe that powerful healing can occur.

The important thing, regardless of the practices you are using, is to be constant and regular with your self care.