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When should I get Acupuncture?

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“When should I get acupuncture?”, or “how often should I come?”, are questions we hear alot in the clinic.  Simply put,  you should get acupuncture when you feel the need.  For example, if you had a headache and were treating it with aspirin, you would most likely take another tablet when your headache came back, and continue doing so, until it subsided.  Acupuncture works by promoting your own bodies healing response and should be administered as needed until things shift (frequency of treatment generally ranges from once a day to once a week depending on the severity of your symptoms).  If your headache was a 10 on a scale of 1-10, I would suggest you come as often as once a day until that shifted, and then reduce the frequency as needed.  This could also be said for severe anxiety, addictions, or other physical symptoms.

Another question that gets asked a lot is “do I need to have something wrong?”  Simple answer, “no”,  “absolutely not.”   Because acupuncture enhances and supports your bodies normal functions — digestion, sleep, circulation, immunity, mood  —  everyone can benefit from a session, regardless of whether or not they have something bothering them.   In the course of your daily life how often do you take time to pause, to recharge, to do something physical just for fun?  I imagine that many of us find it challenging to fit such a practice into our daily lives.  Spending 30 to 60 minutes in one of our comfy recliners is time well spent!