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When Yes Means No

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As a small business owner I have been curiously following the debate over the HST and current referendum.  Despite the  claims that this is an overall benefit to the business community, and the citizens of BC, this has not been our experience.  As a small business, the amount of savings from the HST, in terms of bookkeeping and tax collection costs, have been outweighed by the burden it has put on our customers.  Taxes provide meaningful services to all of us, but a tax on health is a backward way of promoting health within a society.

Acupuncture is a medical service.  Each week we treat over a 100 people in our clinic, with a wide variety of diseases and ailments.  Presently only Medical Doctors, Physiotherapists, and Chiropractors are exempt from the HST.

Yoga is one of the oldest forms of physical and mental therapy, one that can be practiced individually without expensive equipment and high paid specialists.

Both of these traditional therapies promote health and well-being, and keep people out of doctor’s offices, and hospitals.  For this reason alone, we feel it irresponsible for the government to be adding additional taxes onto these services.


Vote Yes to repeal the HST

Or better yet!  Contact the individuals who can make decisions on taxation in British Columbia and ask them to exempt these types of medical services from taxation! (Even if the HST is repealed,  we will still be required to charge GST for these services)

MLA, Carol James, Victoria/Beacon Hill, 250 952-4211,

Kevin Falcon, Minister of Finance, 250-387-3751

Express your opinion today!  Be the change you want to see in the world!