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Yes we’re open!

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In case you’re wondering if we are still open, after the recent restrictions were announced on March 30, the answer is YES! We are open and following the same Covid protocols that were put in place in November 2020. We have been open and providing care for your health needs in a safe and comfortable environment since reopening in June 2020.

This year has been long and challenging for all of us. But despite the challenges Hemma is committed to providing safe, affordable, and accessible care for anyone in need. In addition to always offering a sliding scale, a reminder, that we are also now offering a private room for pod groups and individuals who need to self isolate for whatever reason.

I want to thank all of you from my heart for your ongoing support over this past year, it’s meant so much to everyone who works at Hemma. We would not be here still if it were not for you! Thanks also to everyone who has been able to contribute on the higher end of our sliding scale. Your generosity has helped make it possible for others less fortunate to receive the same level of care. Thank you for paying it forward!

A reminder to please visit our COVID protocol page if you have not been in recently. If you don’t find the information you’re looking for on our website please email or call with any questions you have about our clinic.

In gratitude, Michael