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This past weekend, Hemma hosted Shivani Howe, from her ashram in the Kootenays. She came as a guest teacher for the teacher training, but the program was open to the public as well. She brought with her an incredible amount of knowledge and wisdom from classical yoga.

One of the most important things Shivani reminded us during the weekend was about breath. The breath moves the body and the mind watches the breath. This is how the practice can still the mind, and how the practice of yoga can become effortless. No matter what your level or physical capabilities, it becomes like a dance, both joyful and effortless.

I thought this was such an important point to remember and make sure people know! So that no matter where we are, we can remember what is truly important and come back to our breath.

This month is February and a favorite month of mine. I love Valentine’s Day because it gives me the excuse to tell the people in my life that I love them and appreciate them. I always include myself in this practice and make sure that I love myself enough to really have a few good self care practices.

This month can feel like a long, winter month and it’s always when I need to be pro-active and take care of my body, heart and mind. For my body, I need to move it! Dancing, walking by the ocean and yoga are my favorite ways to love myself up. My heart loves to spend time with friends and family and my mind loves to read and to meditate. 

I used to find February a challenging month – until I decided to take the whole month as a way to practice Bhakti yoga, or the yoga of devotion. Sometimes all we need, is a shift of perception. I urge you to include yourself of that list of appreciation, when you think about the people you love!