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Yoga While You Rest: Yoga Nidra

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You know those mornings when you wake up exhausted thinking “wow, did I even sleep last night?” You went to bed at a decent time, you had your eyes closed, it seems like you slept through the night, but still you are tired. When you go to bed at night, you often carry the day’s tension with you. Yoga Nidra helps you relax and release this tension before sleep.

Also known as Yogic Sleep, Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice that has been adapted for our modern and sometimes stressful times. Yoga Nidra is guided meditation technique that releases tension from all levels of the body: mental, physical, and emotional. With regular practice, Yoga Nidra helps manage stress and therefore can improve overall health by lowering blood pressure, improving digestion, and managing chronic pain.

You practice Yoga Nidra while laying on your back and nestled into props and blankets but it’s different than sleep because you are still aware and consciously relaxing your mind and body.  For me, this practice has been a powerful tool to find balance and stay healthy. If you are interested, come for free class on Tuesday August 20th 7:05-7:30pm. This one’s on me, give it try!