We’re having a party!

On Sunday, October 20th, there will be acu and classes, cake, sales and prizes!
* Free drop-in yoga classes and acupuncture!!!
* 12% off everything in store!
* Birthday SALES from October 17-21
* Play Birthday Bingo all month long! Ask for details at the desk!

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Happy Birthday to you!

Watching the local church on Moss and Fairfield get torn down this week, I was reminded of the winds of change – how quickly something can be erased that was so meaningful to so many. When I was a kid, the church in my small home town was the place where people gathered to worship, as well as to connect with one another – to share a meal, lend an ear, and offer a helping hand.

I feel blessed that hemma has been able to exist for as long as it has and has been able to offer so much meaning and support for so many. As churches make way for housing projects, I hope that hemma’s home will be around for many more years of service!  Regardless, our sites are set on the future horizon as we welcome new teachers and new and returning acupuncturists, prepare to launch a yoga teacher training program, and update our website. We’re here for you as long as the Universe allows!

So, drop by and celebrate our 12 years of yoga and acupuncture on Sunday the 20th. All our drop-in yoga classes and acupuncture treatments are free that day! In addition, we’ll be celebrating throughout the month of October in a variety of ways, in case you’re not able to make it to our birthday party.

From the depths of my heart, thank you all for 12 years of enthusiastic support. We wouldn’t be here without you!

In Gratitude,


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Reflections on Yoga Teacher Training

This year I had the good fortune to return to Egypt to teach for a month, a 500 hour and 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with my school Namaha Yoga School. I was invited to Egypt last year for the first time to teach, and fell in love with the country and the people. This year, the training was in Dahab, on the Sinai coast of the Red Sea. Each year I am sure that it will be my last intensive training. The amount of work and planning that is required to facilitate a teacher training in another country is huge! As well as the long days spent teaching and leading the training’s and all that goes with it. And yet….and yet. Read More »

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