Some Common Questions About Yoga at Hemma


What’s it like there?

Here is a brief video that describes our studio from perspective of some of our students. Thanks to all who helped in the creation of this video!

I’m new to Yoga what class should I start with?

Our beginner friendly classes are labeled with a ‘B’, and our class rating is ‘G’ for gentle, ‘M’ for moderate, and ‘V’ for vigorous. Consider starting with a class that is labeled ‘G’ and ‘B’ for your very first class. There is lots of time to explore other styles as your practice evolves! Our Hatha Yoga classes are a great stating point for classical Yoga postures. Restorative Yoga is also great for people who want to move very slowly as all postures are seated or lying down. Please introduce yourself to the instructor if it is your very first Yoga class.

Do I need to pre-register for a Yoga class?

You can drop in to all of our classes and there is no need to pre-register. We encourage you to arrive 10-15 minutes before class starts to check in, set up, and ensure your spot in the class. If it’s your first time to Yoga here, we recommend you to arrive 20 minutes early to fill in a waiver and get oriented to our studio.

What styles of Yoga do you offer?

We offer a variety of styles at a variety of times to suit your needs. Currently, we offer Hatha, Hatha Flow, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Yin, Bowspring, Yoga Nidra, and Kirtan. Our classes range from gentle meditative classes, to vigorous fast paced classes. You can read more about our class styles here.

What should I wear to practice in?

Wear comfortable and breathable clothing that you can move in. It’s helpful to dress in layers so that as your temperature fluctuates during class, you can adjust accordingly. Yoga is generally practiced barefoot on a Yoga mat. Please remove your shoes when you arrive and place them on the shoe rack near the front door.

Do I need to bring a Yoga mat

We encourage you to bring your own Yoga mat. If you forget or don’t have one, you can rent one for $2 per class. We provide bolsters, blocks, straps, and blankets for complimentary use during your class.

Should I eat before I come to Yoga?

It’s ideal to feel nourished and hydrated before practicing Yoga, but never full. Try to wait 1-2 hours after eating before you practice Yoga. If you need to grab a bite before class, consider choosing something that will digest easily like fruit or yogurt.

If I have an injury or a health issue, can I still practice Yoga?

All Yoga can be therapeutic, depending on how it is practiced. If you are working with an injury, health concern, or are pregnant please inform the teacher at the start of class so they can let you know about modifications or contra-indications for certain practices. If you regularly attend a moderate/vigorous class and are unable to due to an acute injury, consider a more gentle class so that you can stay committed to your practice. Always honour limitations within your body every class.

Can I bring my cell phone into the class?

If your cell phone is turned off and tucked away with your belongings – you bring it into the class. Using your phone, for any purpose, in the studio room can be distracting for you and your fellow yogis.  Practicing Yoga is a time to unplug from the external world and stay present with yourself.

What does Namaste mean?

Namaste is a Sanskrit word offered as a gesture at the end of many Yoga classes, and as a greeting in parts of India. There are many interpretations of it’s translation and one of those is, “the divine light within me acknowledges, honours, and bows to the light within you”.

If you still have questions about Yoga at Hemma, spend some time reading our website or give us a call!