Yoga has been an important part of my life for over 30 years, and my respect and awe for this ancient practice and wisdom tradition continues to deepen.  Through yoga, I’ve found a discipline that provides a path back to myself, access to a source of inner knowing and inspiration, and a practice to develop greater compassion toward myself and others. The physical practice is key for releasing tension, stress, and “dis-ease”, and gaining balance, strength & ease in body, mind & spirit.

A practice like yoga is so crucial in these times.  Our attention is constantly being drawn outward, so that we’ve become alienated from our own bodies and disconnected from our inner wisdom.  Yoga can help us develop appreciation for the wonder & beauty already present within and around us, as well as greater kindness, humility and the ability to listen.

My passion and joy is to help foster this deeper connection, and to share the great benefits of yoga with others.

What can students expect from your classes?

In asana practice, proper alignment is important, as is attentiveness to our inner alignment.  You will be encouraged to approach your practice with non-judgmental openness & curiosity, loving acceptance, and respect for the conditions of the moment.  Breath awareness and mindfulness of sensation in the body throughout our practice, whether a gentle restorative class, or a more active flow class, ensures that we practice safely and will reap the many physical, mental & emotional benefits.  In class I often offer inspiration through readings, poetry or specific themes, yet leave space for you to be with your own experience.  My role as a teacher is to facilitate your journey back to yourSelf.

I hope to see you soon!

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