Why do you teach Yoga?

I feel I was born into becoming a Yoga teacher. My mother has been practising yoga since well before I was born. We now walk together on the Buddhist path.
I have been an avid student of Yoga since the early 90s. I have been sharing the teachings of Yoga and Pilates since 1999.

The left elbow edges to move out a touch.
The left outer hip naturally rotates in on an exhales release.
Both legs aim to extend up to the big high skies.
As I whole heartedly encourage, go into it with integrity, excitement, passion and curiosity. I am still, I quietly watch In serene joy, the sinking in, the settling in.
After class, the smile of acknowledgment of Bharata: shining soul, awareness shared between student and teacher.
~~~~ this is why I teach Yoga

What can students expect from a Yoga class with you?

I lead a poetic, articulate and intelligently sequenced Asana practice.
With my extensive trainings and in depth studies in Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Mat Pilates and Vijnana Yoga, I instruct classes with a keen attention to anatomical alignment, prideful posture, and ease from core preparation foundation work.
From my experience, an alignment based practice not only clears the mind, but helps us to practice refining our attention, intention, and actions in our daily life.
I sometimes play beautiful music, love experimenting with props and walls, and….hope to encourage you to let go of whatever may not be serving you as you enter the doors.

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