Why do I teach yoga?
Since embarking on the yoga journey over a decade ago, I’ve rediscovered many treasures- playfulness, kindness, strength, creativity, integrity and community, to name a few. Yoga gifted me the opportunity to reclaim what is sacred within and the courage to connect with beauty without. I am eternally thankful for the transformative power this practice has provided for me, therefore I dedicate myself to sharing these teachings with others. While I respect the roots of traditional yoga, my passion is to provide a panacea for the afflictions we face in the modern world. For me, yoga moves beyond just a physical practice; it is a way to harmonize our personal, cultural, ancestral, sexual and ecological lives. 

What to expect in class?
As a passionate, articulate and dedicated teacher, I create classes that are designed to activate, inspire and anchor students into their bodies. Each offering is intentionally crafted to integrate the body, psyche and spirit towards alignment and unity. I implement the tools of proper biomechanics, pranayama (breath), mantra and mudra to direct the currents of energy towards healing and transformation. My classes are creative fun and accessible to many levels. My background in Thai yoga massage and craniosacral therapy inform my style of teaching, as I hold trauma-informed and consensual space while offering hands on adjustments.

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