Why do you teach yoga?
Inspiring other people is what lights me up the most. Through my work, I intend to help others to safely take accountability of their own healing, and to help them to better navigate the ups and downs along their journey. A devotion to yoga has allowed me to live a fuller life than I had ever imagined. Sharing this with others has been one of the most fulfilling experiences and exchanges in my life, and has led me to investigate my own health from a holistic perspective. My curiosity of the integrative benefits of yoga eventually led me to a career in alternative medicine. I have a deeply rooted connection to the natural world and believe that by aligning ourselves with the organic rhythms of the earth and of our environment we can re-awaken an innate inner wisdom to be well, that which lies deep within us all.

I am a certified and insured Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga instructor with over 400 hours in trainings. I have been teaching these styles of yoga plus meditation and yoga nidra in Victoria, BC since 2011. My teaching journey began after having completed my first foundational teacher training with Natalie-Rousseau at Pacific Elements Yoga in 2011, and has led me down a deep path of self inquiry, allowing me a greater understanding of how to take care of my own body, mind & heart in the most supportive way.

What can students expect from your classes?

I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and nutrition at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, and graduated with a diploma of Acupuncture June 2018, and am currently working towards becoming a registered Acupuncturist. I find great joy in weaving TCM philosophies and wisdom into my offerings as a yoga teacher and I plan to join TCM practices with nutrition and my established skills as a yoga and meditation instructor to help facilitate healing in those who find their way to me.

I teach various styles of yoga but the theme in which I teach is consistent. We move from the heart, with an emphasize on breath and alignment. In my classes we work to create space and awareness on our holdings to stress in the body, mind and heart in a sometimes challenging, but always playful practice. I encourage students to explore their physical, mental and emotional boundaries safely. I believe that it is by learning to fully trust in ourselves and connecting to our body’s instinctive healing power that we can let go and begin to heal deeply. I intend to continually refine my skills and carry this resonance with me out of the yoga studio and into my Acupuncture practice.

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