Michael H

Why do you teach Yoga?
I began the practice of hatha yoga in 1992 in a small town in Maine. At that time there might have been one studio in the entire State. My long time friend and teacher, David Walker, was teaching the class — he is still is. I went to that first class because I wanted to increase my flexibility. As I began I was immediately drawn to yoga, a practice that so beautifully combined the physical with the emotional and the spiritual. I found my flexibility but I also found my way back to a spiritual practice, something I had long since abandoned during my teen years. I was so moved by the experience that two years later I found myself in a yoga therapy training and a year later standing in front of a room full of eager students. I taught yoga from then until about 2008 — taking a break to build hemma and create the first community acupuncture clinic in Canada.

I believe that hatha yoga is a fundamental way to cultivate awareness and connection with the Self. The body can teach us much about the desires and needs of the Soul. With thoughtful practice yoga is a way to learn, discern, and heal, helping us navigate this journey we call life. Over the years I have been strongly inspired by many teachers including: David Walker, Yogi Amrit Desai (founder of Kripalu yoga), Karen Haskarl (lead instructor for Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy), Erich Schiffmann, Tom Stiles, and Vanda Scaravelli, to name a few.

What can students expect from your classes?
My classes encourage the development of self awareness. I believe that the fundamental purpose of practice is to teach you how to listen and respond to your own bodies needs and desires. I’ll help you develop this connection through mindful practice that incorporates breath, movement, strength, focus, and fun!

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