Why do you teach Yoga?

I became a Yoga teacher to change the world! My Yoga practice has made me stronger and more flexible (I didn’t start off that way). Yoga has helped me heal old neck and back pain. My practice has helped me become more patient, content and loving. It has given me a safe place to recharge and heal. As a Yoga Therapist, my deepest wish for you in our practice together is that you receive the tools and the time you need to get out of pain, feel better physically and have time to relax. I believe that in turn will affect your loved ones and communities so that others benefit from our practice together as well. I hope to create more peace in the world one student at a time.

What can students expect from your classes?

In my classes, you can expect inclusivity, accessibility, and fun (you might even laugh in my classes). A personalized practice to fit your needs that day. I focus on relieving neck and back pain and increased flexibility. My classes are a community-focused, nurturing space to relax and heal, an opportunity to learn the skills you need for self-care. I truly believe you can’t pour from an empty cup and it’s my mission to help you fill your cup.

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