Why do you teach yoga?

I discovered yoga after spending 7 years in martial arts. One of my senior teachers went to a training and upon return promptly put all of his unwitting students through an initiation to hatha yoga. At the time my body was stiff but powerful yet yoga asked for grace and fluidity, elements I never knew I was missing. It was several years later before I was ready to step into a yoga class again.

I teach because I believe yoga can offer self healing. It can help to alleviate both the physical and emotional turbulence that impinges on our quality of life. I have always found great joy in the aid of others. My driving force is to work to provide each individual with the tools they needs to better themselves. I strongly believe that yoga and movement is a potent tool that taps into our innate and powerful brilliance.

What can students expect from your class?

My teaching is rooted deeply in alignment and exploration. I believe alignment gives us a base from which we can learn about our strengths, areas for growth, and unique configurations. I also have great respect for personal modifications, my class offers a space people can move together with the space to be themselves. I also teach Pilates and Essentrics so there is a good possibility for just a little extra spice within the Yoga class. I am very honoured to be with you and share this beautiful space.

Upcoming classes at Hemma: