My life’s journey spanning India, America, and Canada that has made me realize the answer the question: what is yoga? —it is an experience.

I come from a family where yoga and Ayurveda is an integral part of our daily life. Growing up as a kid in India I was introduced to these sister sciences by my grandfather who is an Ayurvedic doctor. He used to teach me simple yogic and Ayurvedic practices to stay calm and balanced, which helped me immensely as a growing adult.
I did my Masters in social work and counseling psychology. I could see how our mind, body and breath are strongly connected and experience for myself how my body and mind felt after my yoga practice and how diet influenced my mind.

I did my 250 hours teachers training course in Hatha Yoga from Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthna (S-VYASA), Bangalore, India in 2011. It is the only yoga university in India which does research about the therapeutic benefits of yoga in a more scientific way. Belief in this ancient knowledge system inspired me to incorporate it into my counseling profession to share healing practices with my clients whenever possible depending on the clients’ willingness. Few clients used to share their experiences and benefits of including these practices and that further strengthened my belief.

I believe destiny brought me to Victoria in February 2019—a place where yoga and Ayurveda are being adopted as a part of every community’s well-being. As I engage with communities and interact with individuals here, I am convinced that this ancient knowledge system from India belongs to everybody and every-body. There is a happiness deep in my heart rooted in my belief and practice of yoga and Ayurveda that I wish to share with the communities here in Victoria. I am excited to begin this journey at Hemma.

Join me in this classical Hatha yoga practice and unlock the energy within you through Asana, Pranayama,chanting and meditation. Experience the eight fold path and practice yoga as a way of life on and off the mat. Let us practice together to nurture healthy and happy communities.
Om Shanti Om

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