Why do I teach yoga:

I started my yoga studies at Ashtanga, Hatha, and Vinyasa schools in Toronto in 2006. As a former ballet dancer, I was drawn to the fluid movement, the meditative breath-body connection. But it also presented me with a powerful physical practice where I encountered myself and my stories of limited self-belief, but with non-violence, non-judgement, and contentment. Ten years later, the thought struck me as to how extraordinarily creative yoga classes can be, and I saw in my mind’s eye endless possibilities to create, with the body as the artistic medium, for the benefit of an expansive, joyful, healing mind.

What can students expect from your classes:

I approach my yoga practice as a moment to connect with divine self, and I find expression of this through meditative, dance-like movement, intuitive but creative flows through poses that build strength while opening the body. We will start with brief meditation and breath work, before moving into a series of sequences and vinyasa flows that stretch, twist, and tone, always compassionately bringing our awareness to our breath and mindfulness to how we inhabit our poses. We will close in final resting pose with an extended body scan. Classes may also touch on philosophy, and aim to use inclusive and sensitive language.

Upcoming classes at Hemma:

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