Why do you teach yoga?
I took my first yoga teacher training in Picton, Ontario in 2009 and I was immediately drawn to the effect of getting out of my head and into my body. I loved the physical aspect of yoga and it wasn’t until years later and many injuries later that the spiritual side followed. My second teacher training in Portland, Maine in 2015 was a true awakening and a revolution for my teaching. I had been teaching for 6 years and this second training with Todd Norian brought my practice to the next level. At the essence of yoga lies heart, breath and grace. Having been in the spa world since 1997 allowed me to study the body and it’s subtle energy. Teaching yoga allows me to answer the hearts true calling and to hold space for others as they do the same.

What can students expect from your classes?
You can expect connection – Sangha. An inner exploration. Accepting yourself as you are, learning that there is no perfect yoga pose, instead there is YOUR pose. Quite often I will teach the yoga of being and not doing. Have I mentioned the breath? Pranayama is the key and the foundation to every yoga pose. And last but not least – let’s have some fun. We take ourselves way too seriously sometimes.

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