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200 hour AUGUST 2020 INTENSIVE

Hemma: the Home of Yoga & Acupuncture is pleased to be collaborating with Namaha Yoga School in offering this 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program. Yoga Alliance Certified, following the guidelines expected and exceeding both the hours and information required. We have adapted this course to be experienced in studio or from the comfort of your own home (virtually via Livestream). Students are provided with a daily pranayama and meditation practice, writing assignments as well as online content to assist in a more holistic understanding of the practice of Yoga. This training will guide you through a transformational experience of body, mind and spirit. You will leave feeling confident in creating different levels of Vinyasa practices as well as more traditional Hatha Yoga practices, teaching meditation and pranayama, as well as offering Dharma talks.

Course Outline

History and Philosophy of Yoga

The history of Yoga and its introduction to the west, is a fascinating and important part of the study of Yoga. Yoga is a spiritual, physical and mental tradition that comes from India. Its important to both know this and acknowledge this, as we learn and teach from this tradition. The philosophy is the backbone of Yoga, and helps to give both context to the teachings, as well as offer us different perspectives on how to live our lives.


A daily meditation practice is deeply important and equal to all other aspects of our Yoga practice. During this training our meditation practices will include active, breath, silent, mantra and visual.  You will be supported to discover the form that is most meaningful to their practice.

Alignment and Postural Modifications

Over the course of one’s path to Yoga, alignment and the power to modify will make a radical difference to the depth of practice and to the subtleties of personal awareness and insight. We will study through experience as well as discussion, the best and most effective ways to modify for safety as well as alignment suitable for all.

Sanskrit and Mantra

Sanskrit is the language of Yoga, Mantras, Indian Vedic Philosophy and Spiritual Enlightenment. Learn about its history and subtle science of sound. Learn techniques for refined pronunciation. To hold the practice is to understand its language. To speak clearly from a basic knowledge will draw your voice and presence more skillfully into the room. Ground your education in the art of Sanskrit and enjoy the potency of Yoga both physically as well as vibrationally.

Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga

Both the subtle anatomy and physical anatomy will be explored in great detail during this course. Both in how to sequence poses, sequence classes and use our knowledge to create and understand the human body a little better. Each person is different but there are some basic guidelines that we use as teachers to teach who is in front of us, to the best of our ability.

Hands On Assist

A powerful tool. To support and administer the right touch for the maximum potential shift, including consent and the deeper awareness that the student and pose are perfect as they are. We are merely guides to offer a deeper understanding of the pose and experience. Learn how to assist without getting in the way of the student’s experience or making it about yourself, as well as consent and the ethics of touch and safe touch.


Literally means to extend the prana. To explore its intimate passage of our breath to our body, and through both, to ourselves. Prana translates as “life-force” and working skillfully with pranayama means to expand our life’s vital energy. Develop a personal pranayama practice, as well as learn how and why, to teach specific pranayama practices to students as well as build their own practices.


Ayurveda is an ancient Indian holistic health and wellness system, that outlines a way for you to live in harmony with the environment, the world, the universe and your true Self. Ayurveda covers all aspects of health and well-being associated with the physical body, the mind, and the Spirit. Yoga and Ayurveda are commonly referred to as sister sciences since they developed together and have influenced one another throughout history. Ayurveda employs Yoga as a therapeutic treatment, and Yoga is enriched through the knowledge of Ayurveda.


Lead Teacher

At the heart of any training are always the teachers. The training will be led by Jonni-Lyn Friel E-RYT 500, founder and director of Namaha Yoga School, who has taught this program internationally since 2012, and is pleased to be bringing this labor of love to the Hemma community.

Bringing years of experience and a genuine love for Yoga and sharing the tools it gives us, Jonni-Lyn is a certified Jivamukti teacher whose warmth, humor and compassion shine through her teachings and practice. Her depth of studentship and years of daily exploration in breath and body have transformed her into a skilled personification of Yoga. Jonni-Lyn’s deep love and respect for all of Yoga’s teachings, have given her the strength and passion to teach from her heart to those who wish to learn.

Guest Teacher

Sarada Pranav Jagannath is a certified Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner, Counseling Psychologist and Hatha Yoga Teacher.

Sarada comes from a family where Ayurveda and Yoga are an integral part of daily life. She was fortunate to have been introduced to Ayurveda at a young age by her Grandfather, an Ayurvedic doctor, while growing up in India. Bringing intrinsic knowledge passed on from her ancestors as well as her passion for this practice, Sarada will be offering teachings on Ayurveda, Sanskrit, Mantra and Classical Hatha Yoga.

Training Assistant

Joining us to assist in this training is Ashley Pungente, E-RYT 200. Ashley recently completed the mentorship program with Namaha Yoga School in June of 2020.

An earnest and passionate student of this practice, Ashley shares: “Every time I feel like I am starting to understand Yoga, more is revealed to me and that is why I keep coming back to it. It’s such an intelligent system that meets us exactly where we are.”

Mentorship Program

There are two mentorship opportunities available through this training. These positions are available to certified 200-Hour and 500-Hour Yoga teachers. In addition to retaking the training, you will get a taste of how to mentor and be mentored. Please contact Jonni-Lyn directly for more information.

Dates and Times:

We have adapted this course to be experienced in studio or from the comfort of your own home (virtually via Livestream). The training will be held from August 3-30, 2020 running Monday through Friday with one weekend on the 29th and 30th. Morning practice is held through Zoom while the afternoon sessions are available either in-person or online.

Program Schedule:
Livestream Practice: 6:30am – 8:30am
Philosophy: 11:00am – 1:00pm
Methodology: 3:00pm – 7:00pm


Deposit: $500 non-refundable deposit to hold your place in the training and applied towards your tuition.

Tuition: $2,400 plus GST

Early Bird Pricing: $2,200 plus GST – paid in full by July 1, 2020

Scholarship: We have one scholarship spot for Black, Indigenous and people of colour (BIPOC) folks. We acknowledge that systemic barriers can impact a person’s ability to access our offerings. We strive to anticipate and address these barriers, and also welcome your feedback – we are committed to continually adapting our practices so that they are as accessible as possible.

How To apply:

Email 200hytt@gmail.com for an application form and more information. You must first apply to be accepted into the training program.

The Small print

All payments or deposits made are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Required books are not included in the tuition.