How to build your own yoga boat

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I was recently engaged in a discussion with another teacher. We were talking about practicing yoga and the other person said: “Everyone will ultimately end up where they should be and have their two feet in one boat.” The assertion was that an effective yoga practice requires you to commit to a particular style of yoga and stick with it. It could be Iyengar, Bikram, Ashtanga or any number of other styles. While I don’t dispute the need to stick with your practice – even Patanjali says that this is important (see Sutra 1.14) – I’m not so sure about the need to stick to one particular style.

So here’s the question I’ve asked myself: is there one perfect ship for my personal yoga voyage? Who makes these boats anyhow? And where can I get one?Read More »How to build your own yoga boat

Relaxing into Transitions

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Namaste Hemma community! Where do the months go? Summer melting into Autumn…it’s always an interesting blend of feelings and influence as the whispers of a fresh season unfold.

At the beginning of this summer, I had the amazing opportunity of assisting my teacher, Donna Farhi, at a 5 day intensive in Seattle called ‘Opening to Insight’. During the intensive, she pointed out in various ways that there is often a lot of prejudice in our culture around attending to fatigue. At one point she used the analogy of attending to thirst. You wouldn’t tend to thirst with a bowl of peanuts, for example – and yet this is exactly what our culture encourages us to do much of the time when we feel tired – reach for sugar, coffee, or other stimulants – another meeting, chore or activity. It’s not uncommon to develop a habit of ‘pushing through’ or suppressing waves of fatigue instead of being loyal to the messengers that help us to know when to honor the natural urge to stop and rest…not as a passive collapse, but as deep, conscious, revolutionary rest.Read More »Relaxing into Transitions